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Rim Flow Negative Edge Pool and Landscape

Negative Edge Pool Design Marvel

Negative Edge Pool

One significant challenge a pool builder often faces is addressing the complexity of remodeling an existing pool structure. The Kuba Residence was no exception. Creating a one of a kind, rim flow, negative edge pool out of an existing structure was a challenge we addressed with not only an aesthetic eye, but also with the development of a technically engineered marvel.

When the Kuba family came to Urban Landscape, they had a unique need. Their picturesque residence, located in the welcoming hills of Laguna Niguel, had an existing negative edge pool. Sadly, the technology and design was dated, having been built in the late 1990’s. They wanted to address not only their dissatisfaction with the existing pool, but also transform their outdoor living space with a fresh look that would complement their stunning view. The transformation that followed was a technical feat and design adventure.

Engineering a Rim Flow Pool

First, since I faced working around an existing pool structure with a number of complex design elements, I had to address the issue of engineering. The existing negative edge pool presented some daunting challenges. We began by blowing out the pool wall faces to refit much of the support. Then, we stuck to our design vision, with no compromise, and raised the existing rim some 18” throughout the circumference of the pool. That alone was a challenge, but my goal was to create more than just a reiteration of the negative edge pool that already existed, I wanted an immense rim flow pool to be the focal point of their outdoor space.

With rim flow pools there are some engineering technicalities that transcend the issues of a typical negative edge pool. At 15’x35’, the challenge of the Kuba pool was to maintain uniformity of flow across the pool face and rims. In order to achieve the consistent “sheet of glass” rim flow look across the top of the pool and maintain constant flow on all edges, we had to bring our “A” game. Working with laser levels, my team, with decades of experience in engineering and building exquisite pools, was able to accomplish the impossible.

Rim Flow Pool

Once the technical aspects were complete, I wanted to be sure all the work on the rim flow – negative edge pool did not stop there. For the design, we used a beautiful and unique beveled mosaic glass tile from  Walker Zanger.  Then, throughout the entire rim flow spill channel, the team installed custom fiber optic lighting. This unique feature creates a glistening effect at dusk and dark, which gives the appearance of a floating sheet of water. That, and the exquisite color of the mosaic tile, provides a finished product that is quite simply, perfect. The photos attest to the status of this custom negative edge pool as a stunning focal point of the Kuba Residence, and as one of the most impressive residential pools in Southern California. Although this was the highlight, our work at did not stop there.

Landscape Design to Bring the Negative Edge Pool to Life

Rarely is a rim flow or negative edge pool complete without breathtaking landscape design. At the Kuba Residence, we brought together our design team to build not only a one of a kind outdoor living space, but a front entryway and courtyard that was inviting and impressive.

For the outdoor living area, we began with a premier sketched limestone paving imported from Europe. The hardscape was highlighted with intermittent softscape and surrounded by many unique, hybrid, handpicked plants. Around the fire pit sitting area, we used wonderful stone mosaic pebbles to create a texture that compliments the limestone. Finally, in the “pot” water feature, we lined the inner pool with the same glass mosaic found on the negative edge pool.

Uniform Outdoor RoomOutdoor Room

Alongside the now gorgeous rim flow pool is a large—over 600 sq. foot—outdoor room that was our privilege to construct. There are numerous detailed design elements incorporated here, including an immense custom fireplace which brings warmth and life to the area. Venetian plaster graces the ceiling, as do custom distressed wood beams. The soft, recessed lighting that bathes this lovely outdoor room highlights not only the living area, but the functional outdoor kitchen and barbecue space as well. Adjacent to the outdoor room, we worked with a unique pergola and fireplace to create a second sitting area that allows a little more sunlight for the warm summer days in Laguna Niguel.

Custom Landscape Entryway

When you arrive at the Kuba Residence, you immediately feel welcome. The transformation is amazing, and the entire house is now a showcase with its glowing Venetian plaster finish. What was once a front walkway has been repurposed as a cozy courtyard that is both functional and inviting. The existing garage is now stained to complement the subtle hues of the home, and to complete the calming effect we added softscape features that diminish the hard lines of the driveway. It is now unified with hand-picked trees and hybrid plants that add privacy and just the right touch of character.

Front Yard LandscapeIn the end, the Kuba Residence is a striking feature of the Laguna Niguel community. From its inviting entryway and courtyard to the one of a kind rim flow, negative edge pool, the Kuba home is a testament to the artisan talent I am fortunate to work with everyday at Urban Landscape.

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By Garett McCorkle

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