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Radical Renovation

Radical Renovation

Ambitious Project Creates Vacation Feel In Orange County

The stunning Kuba residence sits high atop Laguna Hills, overlooking the canyon and beyond to the ocean. Designed in 1996, the Kubas thought that their front and backyards felt dated, even though they had added a dramatic, negative-edge pool.

Infinity Pool

Precision In Design

Their consultation with Urban Landscape produced a radical idea: to reconstruct the existing pool as a negative edge pool. The project was ambitious, requiring all four sides of the pool structure to be removed, then raised by 12 inches, allowing water to fall from all four edges. In a negative edge pool, the levels must be absolutely precise in order for the water to flow equally and properly. With water spilling perfectly from all sides, the negative edge pool is an incredible accomplishment, particularly because it evolved from an existing traditional pool.

Iridescent glass tile and fiber optic lights accentuate the pool, adding even more brilliance to the sparkle of the water. The sun reflecting off the all-glass Jacuzzi provides a spectacular display of incredible color. In niches above the Jacuzzi, flames provide warm light at night with the touch of a button.


A Luxurious Getaway

In addition to the pool, the backyard outdoor living space incorporates a 500-square-foot structure that includes heat, barbecue and dining areas, as well as a 50” plasma screen for entertainment. The unique limestone tile is
imported from Italy.

The front yard is updated as well, with a private courtyard feel accented by its own water feature, recessed copper lighting and specialty hybrid plants.

But it is the backyard where the Kuba family loves to gather and entertain. Owner Hayder Kuba, who travels the globe building roads and bridges, says of their elegant new outdoor living space, “It’s our family haven. I feel like I’m on vacation in my own backyard.”


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By Garett McCorkle