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A Pool Remodeling Outdoor Room Design

A Pool Remodeling Outdoor Room Design

Urban Landscape takes a drab back yard and transforms a pool remodeling project and outdoor room into a breathtaking living area…but the story only ends there.

Often, the best thing that I can hope for as a landscape designer and construction professional is a creative homeowner.  With the Himmelman Project, we were blessed with the extraordinary talents of a visionary homeowner.  This allowed us to bring together varied aspects of pool and landscape design with stunning results.  From Carrara Marble to graceful Metrosideros trees, the Himmelman home is a marvel of Southern California landscape design, pool remodeling, and outdoor room construction.

Custom Spa Design

One of a Kind Spa

Sometimes a small element can be the beginning of great things.  This was certainly the case with the spa. I wanted to craft a unique and truly one of a kind expression that fit effortlessly into the theme and temperament of the overall design.  This exceptional spa design began  with the backing.  Using Lompoc Stone harvested from the Central California quarries, we took a common stone and gave it an uncommon flair by creating a very plumb, streamlined look.  We created the perfect compliment by incorporating the Carrara Marble slab into the water feature and took advantage of focused recessed lighting to highlight the effect.  The robust Ipe wood deck generates contrast with clean lines and symmetry. It superbly surrounds the entire 8’x11′ spa.

Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling Perfection

With such a unique spa area, the existing pool now cried out for a complete pool remodeling and restoration. We began by continuing with the Lompoc Stone and its streamlined look. This robust, yet aesthetically pleasing stone face extends to the pool floor. This allows the eye to naturally transition to the subtle turquoise hues of the water. Inset in the facing are small spillway water features backed by Carrera Marble and recessed lighting. Additionally, at the waterline, we incorporated a 1”x2” Carrara Marble mosaic as a subtle, yet stunning detail. The incredible length of the pool allows these features to create a soothing compliment to the very natural setting and backdrop of this exquisite Laguna Niguel property.

The pool remodeling with the custom spa that unified the look of the back yard was in itself a stunning landscape and design accomplishment….but we did not stop there.

Outdoor room

Sublime Outdoor Room

With the near perfect climate in Southern California, Outdoor Room design and construction is a necessary skill for any landscape designer.  This integral feature when executed properly, not only unifies an outdoor living space, or pool landscape design, it becomes a functional extension of the home.  For the outdoor room design of the Himmelman Residence, we incorporated elements of both the pool remodeling project and the existing home architecture to complete the vision.

The 20’x20′ outdoor room started with the idea of an Ipe deck floor.  This profoundly resilient decking material comes  from the Tabebuia tree, indigenous to much of the South and Central Americas. Protecting the Outdoor room flooring are design elements like a 6″ air gap and safety drain to mitigate moisture issues.  From that point, there where a million ways we could have approached the construction of the outdoor room, but only one that unified and complimented the existing architecture and the pool remodeling project.  We decided upon a very modern craftsman style finish, with the open beam construction above the Lompoc stone bases.  The functional fireplace also sported this versatile stone, and was designed to provide heat to the entire outdoor room, without the need for recessed ceiling heaters.  In addition the slight vault to the ceiling allowed the recessed lighting to beautify the outdoor room, without creating a glare that could detracted from the entertainment system.

Disperse Elements for a Unified WholeLandscape Design

These design elements were complimented by Ivory Travertine Walkways that connected the outdoor room, pool remodeling project, and custom spa.  Further, the various softscape elements where unique, consisting mostly of hybrid species.  We brought in Metrosideros for its beauty and color.  Found from New Zealand to Scotland, this fantastic species of tree offers harmony and splendor to the natural backdrop of the Himmelman Property.  Further, we hand-picked Arbutus unedo, or Strawberry trees, to fill in space and give the outdoor living area more life by breaking up the skyline with a natural fractal line this is not only  aesthetically pleasing, but allows the stunning light woodwork of the outdoor room to “pop”.

Urban Landscape Design and Construction

As with all our projects – – be it focused on an outdoor room, pool remodeling, or general landscape design – –  we at Urban Landscape treat each project as a hands on, one of a kind experience.  We cut no corners, we approach each home as if its our own.  When you come to Urban Landscape, you can expect the absolute best.  Our mssion is to not merely meet your expectations – – but exceed them.

My name is Garett McCorkle.  I invite you to contact me directly any time, and thank you for visiting my site.

by Garett McCorkle

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