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Urban Landscape Volume II

Landscape Magazine Publisher’s NoteLandscape Magazine

I love a good story, the outdoors and building environments with raw materials for everyone to enjoy.

So, as a newbie magazine publisher, I wanted this publication to tell the story of how to build outdoor environments, why they’re important and how everyone can enjoy them.

At Urban Landscape, we’re a finely tuned second family. We nurture and celebrate the earth. Provide comfort and solace to family. We stick to our beliefs. These are our passions.

Each day, we strive to translate our clients’ passions into an elevated art of exterior living. We lay essential groundwork, build from the ground up, unite collaborative teams and create the clients’ dream outdoor living space. It is my hope that we’ve captured that drive for imagination, excitement and livability in these pages.

Garett McCorkle Publisher and President Urban Landscape

By Garett McCorkle

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