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Custom Pools on a Custom Budgetcustom pools

At Urban Landscape we are intimately familiar with the fact that economics play a vital part in a homeowners choices in custom pools and custom spa design.

This does not mean that a home owner needs to compromise on their vision.  A breathtaking custom pool can be created without strangling your budget.

As the owner and principle of Urban Landscape I invite you to talk to me directly about your dream pool. With each home owner I understand respect that your home is an immense investment of your finances and more importantly an expression of your individuality.  You deserve nothing less than the best hands on guidance to make your dreams a reality.

Limited Space Pool Design

Limited Space Custom pools

Urban Landscape has over 20 years of experience in premier landscape design.  Our team has created one of a kind outdoor living spaces in Southern California for homeowners of all demographics.  We understand the beauty, balance and complexity of taking limited space and turning it into the individual expression of a homeowners artistic vision.  Design and construction of custom pools that fit tight landscape features, or the placement of your custom spa so it transforms your backyard into not only a living area but soothes the senses.  Visual aesthetics are vital, but Urban Landscape also values the peaceful bubble of water features and warmth of incorporating covered structures into your outdoor living area.  Even with limited space Urban Landscape will allow you to transform your landscape to represent your vision.  Call today.

Visionary Pool Design

Landscape designWhat sets Urban Landscape apart from much of the competition is our multi-dimensional experience. While we pride ourselves on our limited space landscape design, Urban has design, constructed and maintained outdoor living areas and custom pools and spa features for dozens of premier properties throughout Southern California and Nation Wide.  When working with extraordinary lot sizes, often an inexperienced landscape company can fail to create a cohesive final product.  With large landscape deigns each element must fortify the next, and they must all rally around the custom pool or spa feature.  Urban Landscapes team of professionals has shown time and again that we bring the various elements of landscape design to produce a sum that is greater than the parts.  Our portfolio of high volume exquisite pools that integrate seamlessly into our overall landscape design speak for themselves.  One look at our portfolio of breathtaking large custom pools, and inviting custom spas will move you to call today.

Custom Pools

[img src=]17590limited space pool construction
[img src=]5820stunning pool builder
[img src=]6850Rustic Custom Pool
[img src=]6710custom pools orange county
[img src=]6490Custom Pools newport beach
[img src=]6680negative edge pool design
[img src=]5890spa builder
[img src=]5470custom spa
[img src=]5290san clemente pool design
[img src=]4730laguna beach custom spa
[img src=]4590san diego beautiful pool
[img src=]4270infinity edge pool
[img src=]4100pool construction
[img src=]4050outdoor living area
[img src=]3780large pool
[img src=]3920in-ground pool design
[img src=]3720newport beach pool builder
[img src=]3400rancho santa fe custom pool
[img src=]3260water features
[img src=]3230landscape design
[img src=]3480outdoor living space
[img src=]3710rock pool
[img src=]3790stone pool design
[img src=]3600modern custom pool
[img src=]3150lap pool
[img src=]3050modern spa
[img src=]2960large pool construction
[img src=]2940pool specialisits
[img src=]3380living walls
[img src=]3360pool and spa
[img src=]3600infinity pool construction

By Garett McCorkle